Minä rakastan Suomihoppia

...and my eyes are shining in white-blue ;)

This is my personal Website, on which I'll give you insight into my life and the country which reigns over my heart.
As a child, I realised very slowly that my heart doesn't belong to my homecountry, it belongs to somewhere about 1000 miles northwards.
I went to Finland 2times, in which I was on a 2-week trip the first time, where we travelled by ferry, and had a route over Jyväskylä to kehärinkoski, visited places like Mikkeli, Kuopio, Savonlinna and finished our trip with two days in Lahti and Helsinki.
In summer 2009 it was time to come back to Helsinki, which is a beautiful city by the way, and which I fall in love by first sight :)
My finnish studies are in process and I listen to finnish music alot. Esspecially, I focus on finnish Hip Hop (often called "Suomihoppia"). I know it`s a minority in Finland, which is famous for many rockbands, but I`ll use this opportunity to introduce besides some fact and my view of Finland also my very favorite rapper: Cheek.
If you are thinking, that something is missing on this web presence, feel free to e-mail me!